Vinaigrette Mixer & Coupon

Do you know Kellie of LE ZOE MUSINGS? If not, go over to her wonderful blog and get inspired! 🙂


I entered in some of her giveaway contests (those that I’m interested in) and luckily I won this cute little piece from Mastrad, a vinaigrette mixer. The timing is perfect as the husband and I are closely watching our calorie intake, so more salads for him and more marinated meat for me. 😉

For starter, I will follow the recipes from Le Zoe Musings and then try new ones as we go along with our diet. Should be fun!

Got my prize today!!! Thanks Kellie of @lezoemusings and #mastrad. #vinaigrettemixer 😊

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Thanks again, Kellie! <3

P.S. I’m super excited to be part of this giveaway for a $15 dollar gift card to Amazon at Keeping Up with Ashley and Cody! Be sure to enter!

Enter here!
Enter here!

Good Luck and have a wonderful day!


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