Treat for Papa

Spent my afternoon and dinner with Papa, of course Mama was there too. Papa will be leaving for work tomorrow. But before that…

We were chillin’ at Bo’s Coffee shop the whole afternoon. Mom didn’t like her coffee. Her fave is the one from Coffee Bean. Hehe! Like Bt’s, next time Ma. I didn’t know coffee bean was already open in SM.


Then after a long chit chat about many things, we decided to have dinner. We had inihaw na baby pusit (grilled baby squid), it was very yummy! The best! 😉 We also had sisig and spicy adobo shreds plus rice and juice. And another session of chit chat. Hehe. The never ending chika of mom. I wished we didn’t have to end the night.



We will see each other again next year, Pa. Have a safe trip.

I had a wonderful night. It’s time to hit the sack.



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