Thinking of Getting a New Pet?

Life is better with someone to hug! If you’ve been thinking about making room in your home for a furry pal, now might be the perfect time. If you love puppies, kittens, bunnies or other kinds of pets – you can find one from a private breeder or from a shelter.

Obviously, the younger the animal you choose, the longer you’ll have time together. But having kittens and puppies need a lot of attention and time for training. They love to play, and sometimes they can cause damage on carpets, wallpaper, and furniture. And if you are renting a home, you may even need to ask your landlord permission to bring a pet in. And if you don’t have any outdoor space, you also need to consider how your pet will get their much-needed exercise. But their cute eyes, faces and sweet cuddles will take all those troubles away. Believe me, they work like magic. 😉


Most pets love the outdoors. You can take them out for a walk but if the weather doesn’t allow indoor activities is not impossible. But if you have an outdoor space or your own garden for them to play around then you just have to make sure it’s secure. Rabbits for example, will need a secure hutch to protect them from predators. Or a fence high enough for your dog not to jump off and ran away.

One of the most important purchases you can make for your new pet is insurance. You can compare the different pet insurance policies available for each animal online. Without a good plan, you could wind up with a very expensive veterinary bill if your pet gets sick or injured. Pets also need their own bed. This is particularly handy when you want them to get off your own bed! Pets can be pretty disruptive to your regular routines, but if you manage your time effectively and you train them well, you should be good to go.

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You don’t have to settle for a large furry pet like a dog or a cat. You might want something smaller like a guinea pig or even a hamster. I remember my cousin back in PH, she had tons of hamsters. Their life expectancy is shorter than some other pets, but they can still bring you years of fabulous companionship. Taking care of a smaller animal requires just as much diligence and attention as larger ones.

Dogs, cats, and rabbits can be trained to toilet where it is convenient to you. This doesn’t mean there won’t be the odd accident, though. Keeping your home clean isn’t easy when you have a pet. You may need more time to vacuum shed hairs or spilled food and kitty litter. But after you’ve tidied and groomed your beloved pets, you’ll have plenty of time for all those wonderful cuddles a pet can offer.


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