Kitchen Gadgets That Can Save Time

For many people, their relationship with their kitchen is very important. Working in the kitchen for hours can be hard work, especially if you are the primary chef in your home. The added pressure to stay healthy and ‘eat clean‘ doesn’t help either. Thankfully, there are a number of gadgets you can find that can make your life easier, and help you fall back in love with your kitchen.

The slow cooker

This much loved kitchen gadget has made a bit of a comeback recently. It is the perfect hack for working couples who struggle to find time to cook, but still want to eat a nice meal together at the end of the day. Simply throw all your ingredients in the morning before you leave for work, set it to ‘low’ throughout the day, and you’ll have a delicious meal to come home to. There is also minimal mess, which means less cleaning up to do. Owning a slow cooker can save you time and money. They typically use much less electricity than an oven. The high levels of condensation in a slow cooker means that your meat will end up tender no matter what the cut is.

The water carbonator

Can’t live without fizzy drinks but know how bad they are for you? You’re definitely not alone. Almost half of the people I know say they have at least one soda per day. We all know the excess caffeine and sugar in these drinks can actually be harmful for us. An alternative fix is buying a water carbonating machine. It can give you that fizzy feel on water or juice.

The coffee machine

Coffee is one of the most loved drink on earth, I think 99% of my friends loves or drinks coffee every day. Unfortunately, the daily caffeine intake can end up costing a lot of money. If you buy  lattes from Starbucks everyday that would mean $1400 coffee spending in a year. Home brewing can save you money and still makes great coffee, as explained by Espresso Gusto. Simply pop your homemade coffee in a heated flask and you’re good to go!

The spiralizer

If you keep yourself up to date with what’s new, you probably have noticed the spiralizer. This handy gadget can make pretty much anything into a ‘noodle’. Turn cucumbers and carrots into a twisty side-salad, or make some sweet potato noodles for a ramen dish. It is also famous for making zucchini pasta.

Enjoy your time in your kitchen. 


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