Shell Stitch Little Blanket

I promised myself last Monday WiPs that I will complete my #1 priority ASAP and I did it.

TODAY!!! Yes, TODAY!!! Whew!

I thought it will take me another month to finish it. Haha. 😉 I machine washed and tumbled dry this one too and so far it’s still in its perfect form. I’m glad!

Shell Stitch Little Blanket (20in x 27in)
Shell Stitch Little Blanket (20in x 27in)

Pattern and yarn used for this project is here. 🙂

Stitch details
This will be a gift so it has been packed together with the little hat and booties. What else? Hmmm… That’s really it for me today, I have to go back to my knitting. Bye for now!

So much yarn… so little time! 😀

Much <3 ,



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