Romantic Destinations: Picking Your Perfect Getaway

Going away is a big deal for most people. A change of scene and being away from the stresses of daily life is refreshing and a good chance to reconnect as a couple. But where should you go for the perfect romantic getaway?

Here’s a few that I think will make it to my list of romantic destinations. 😉 


A spa break can be very romantic, especially if you book your treatments together. Luckily Budapest is a city that is full of spas. Pick the most ornate ones for a luxurious backdrop like Szechenyi Baths and Pool.  In particular, the Gellert Spa is an amazing and intimate experience to share with a loved one. When you are done relaxing, Budapest has some wonderful restaurants for a delicious meal. Then maybe take a trip to the opera house and catch a performance.


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Venice is an iconic romantic location. Its beautiful architecture and can give it an almost otherworldly quality that is quite unlike anywhere else on earth. Take a walk down the Grand Canal and watch the people go by, or treat your loved one to a once in a lifetime gondola ride. But don’t forget to take a bottle of Bellini and pay out for the gondolier to serenade you too, for the perfect experience.


Broome is a romantic holiday destination that you don’t want to miss. Check out the stairway to the moon phenomena. This is when a combination of the tide and moon, make it seem as if there are steps leading up into the sky! Grab a blanket and enjoy the spectacle as a couple, or visit the moon markets to grab some street food before the big event.  Broome is also known for its pearling industry, so it’s a perfect place in which to purchase a romantic souvenir of your time there together.


Paris is a classic location associated with romance. There is so much to see and do in this beautiful city. Choose an activity packed break and share the joys of the Eiffel tower, the louver, and the Moulin Rouge together. Or play it more low key and walk along the wide streets of the chance lessee. Then have a quiet meal for two in a traditional Parisian restaurant serving French onion soup and confit duck.

For added romance pick one of the beautiful and quiet boutique hotels like the Hotel Crayon. Aim to be there during the Nuit Blanche when you can visit all of Paris museums and galleries for free throughout the night.


While sin city might not be your first thought for a romantic getaway, remember that the luxury and excitement of Vegas is hard to get anywhere else. Getting dressed up to go to the casino and on to a club is a romantic thing to do. Or why not go old school and have afternoon tea in the Mandarin Oriental hotel? Of course if things go really well you can even visit one of the chapels on the strip and make it official. Just don’t forget to go the licence office and get you paper work done first! 😉 


With this list, we have 4 more places to save for. Happy Weekend!


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