Movie Date at Century 16

I’ve watched both Taken and Taken 2 in the big screen back home. And there’s no way I’m gonna miss the 3rd Liam Neeson and Maggie Grace’s movie, Taken 3. The fiancĂ© brought me to Century 16 last night for a movie date. Happy me! 🙂

Three things: — (observation time)

1. Movie theaters here are way too expensive. Maybe because I am converting $ to Philippine peso. Bleh!

2. Do it yourself. Meaning serve yourself if you want to order snacks. We had popcorn and coke.

3. Quiet. You can’t hear any phone activities. No bright light screen in the dark room. And no loud voices talking about many things. Just quiet, which was really nice.

We didn’t have many photos but was able to capture a few good ones.





To Liam & Maggie, thank you for a wonderful entertainment. You both are awesome.

It ends here.

Much <3 ,

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