Monday WiPs!

I have some exciting news today about many things — crafts world – fashion expat life.


In Knitting

There’s one current project in my needles now, my chocolate ombre placemats. I am making 4 and I am still working on the first one. 🙂


The placemat pattern details.
The placemat pattern detail. 

In Fashion

I recently discovered a fashion app that would help me improve my passion in fashion — Polyvore. I’m finding inspiration so I can share more #OOTD ideas, exciting! I have a few sets but this is still a work in progress, still has many things to learn.  I shared one just this morning, if you have not seen it here it is:


On a side note, I won an Instagram giveaway last week and I just got the package today. I will share more of it in another post, it deserves a separate one! 😀

Giveaway Winner
I love this! 

Is the package looks fancy to you? It does to me. 😉

Expat Life

I received an update this afternoon regarding my EAD/AP application from USCIS. Yay! Got approved, my card is in production as of today. I’d better complete my resume soon. 😉


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Happy MONDAY WiPs!!! 🙂


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