MONDAY WIPs ~ Thirdy

Happy Monday WiPs! Just another placemat project to share. Currently on my third piece and pattern. This is a woven plaid one, at least that’s how the designer named it.

Here’s a glimpse of how it looks like.


I took a black and white photo of the assorted placemats, so you can see the pattern detail without the choco ombre color.

Different patterns!


Pattern links can be found here and here. I will share pattern #3 when I finished it. 😉

Placemats: 1 is on top, 2 at the bottom, 3 on my needles.


You can purchase the yarn here and the needles here. That’s all there is! How about you, what are your latest WIPs?


On a side note, Festival of Flowers in Downtown Portland is happening now until June 9th. 


I was supposed to go today but the weather has been cold and gray so I’m rescheduling it. Maybe this coming Thursday/Friday.


Have a wonderful day…


Much <3 ,



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