H&M Dominating Last Weekend’s Wardrobe

H&M invasion on my wardrobe last weekend. Had fun with our comic-like candid tourist, OOTD and headshot photos. Haha! The husband and I enjoyed our escapade last weekend.

I don’t really know how to pose for OOTD so the outcome always turnsout funny. 😀

Portland Tilikum Crossing

Tilikum Crossing
Bike lane and walk lane of Tilikum Crossing.
Tilikum Crossing
How is that for a pose? Hahaha
Tilikum Crossing
Windy and messy hair, all in!

Headshot in the train, trying out husband’s sunglasses.



And here’s one last funny set, before we got the car at Elmonica’s Park & Ride Max Station. H&M from top, jeans, and sneaker shoes.

Elmonica Max Station
Do you see the husband’s shadow? Hahaha. It was so hot that day.

Here’s some decent shots. 🙂




Accessories: Ray-Ban sunglasses and Fitbit. 

I would love some suggestions, maybe articles on how to pose confidently for photos? Haha!


Happy Tuesday!



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