Black and White Photo 5-Day Challenge — Day 1

Lamp. Black & White Photo Challenge. Day 1

Challenge accepted from Chilly Bella of Chilly Bella Photo Art to post black and white photographs for 5 days (one photo a day). This will be a challenge as I don’t go out everyday to take photos + I have to nominate another blogger to be part of this challenge. And not to mention, I still am part of WP Blog U – Photo 101 for this month. Many things! But this would be fun. 🙂

Day one entry, is a shot I took inside our bathroom this morning. Lovely lamp. And honestly, this looks better in B&W than the colored shot.

To end this entry with a bang on day one, I nominate bCL Photography. Why? Just visit the website and you will understand what I am talking about. Beautiful and Inspiring photos.

bCL Photography, you’re up next! 5 b&w photos for 5 days (one photo a day). And don’t forget to nominate a fellow blogger. Enjoy! 😉

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