Aninikad Soup

aninikad soup

It was my first time to be in Basak Wet Market this morning and saw some aninikad shells. Is been a while since I last had these. So, I made Aninikad Soup for lunch. We used to have this during dinner time when I was still living with family.

– from the market until it was ready to eat


  • Aninikad Shells
  • Tomato (kamatis)
  • Spring Onion (sibuyas dahon)
  • Green Chilli (sili espada)
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Safety Pin/Needle
  1. Boil water and shells.
  2. Add tomato, spring onion, green chilli and salt.
  3. Wait until it boils again. Taste it, add more salt until desired taste is achieved.
  4. Use safety pin/needle to get what’s inside the shell, it’s edible. =)
– closer look when it’s ready

I am not sure if these shells are available worldwide, if is not, then try it when you get to visit the Philippines.

xo, guenny

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