A Windy Day & Keeping Fitbit Busy

The husband and I decided to go to The Streets to see if we can shop for more work clothes. Lately, I have been buying work clothes from H&M and Forever 21 and the hubs wanted me to try and check other shops. It is so difficult to order clothes online, I don’t always get the correct size.

I’ll share our shopping adventure earlier…

Keeping our Fitbit busy is one of the things we do everyday, so the husband decided not to bring the car. We walked from the house to The Streets and back, about 6 miles total. We earned our 10 thousand steps for the day, or should I say even more. 🙂

I earned 2 badges today!!! One proud achiever here! Haha! 😀


15 thousand steps and 25 floors in a day, sounds awesome! My legs are so painful. Another solid proof of the saying; no pain, no gain.

Anyway, the weather earlier was mostly great! It wasn’t very hot, not very cold and was very windy. I loved it! Did I say it was drizzling too? Yeah! And then there was a rainbow.




Plus proof of strong winds and summer being almost over…

windy day

windy day

windy day

Leaves were falling on the ground.

And about the shopping, I ended up buying 1 pants from H&M. Hahaha. Macy’s and GAP didn’t have the correct size for me. Maybe next time! 😉


Good night!




    1. It’s fun to be able to track your steps, very rewarding every time I reached or even exceed my personal goals. 🙂 And yes, we walk together every time we can.

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