9 of 14: Grownups


I used to play with them when I was younger and now they are all grownups. They’re all teenagers and probably are dating like any other teenagers. 🙂 The next time we’ll spend time together, it would be a nice conversation about school and love. Uyyyy! Hehehe. Ate Guen misses you all! See you soon.

Gilles, Hannah. Plane bound for Iloilo then Boracay.
Ate Lara, Hannah, Manoy Niko.
Ate Lara. @ Nona’s house. Just came home from swimming.
Philippe. In the bus, on our way to Boracay.
Miguel. @ cousin’s graduation party.
Manoy and Miguel: @ Inday Bebot’s house.


  1. Awww, so cute!!! Yes, it won’t be long now before you & your cousins will be together to catch up with one another’s lives (school, lovelife, frustrations, etc)

    I’m already counting the days, Ndhay!

    Luv yah!!!
    Ndhay She²

    1. Thanks Inday! Yay! After 5 long years I get to see Gilles and Philippe again. I can’t imagine how tall they will be. Hehehe.. I would assume way taller than I am. 😀 Inday, was talking to Philippe the other day, he mentioned Uncle is coming this time?

      I’m excited. Where to then?

      love you too!
      ate guen

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