49 Days


A few more days to go to be with my robot love. Time of the year where I get so excited, anxious, happy, etc; you name it! Haha. I’m just so happy, I guess you can tell. 🙂

Is been almost a year since the last time we were together. I know, we see each other everyday in skype but is always different to be able to hold and feel the warmth of his hug. Awww, makes me want to fast track time.

The countdown begins! Actually I started yesterday, if you are following me on twitter. :p

Gosh! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. Haha!

xx, guenny


Robot love, I can’t thank you enough for being the man I dreamed to love and be with forever. You always have been that sweet, romantic, shy guy I know from the beach during your confession day. See you soon. Loves you, -g

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