Shopping + A Giveaway

After my first week as a working gal, I realized I needed more business casual clothing. So yesterday, I did some online shopping, used the money I earned from my online job last month. Sweet, right? I was able to buy some button-down shirts, blazers, pants, shoes, accessories, and make up. It sounds a lot…

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Commute Today

At Merlo Road Max Station, waiting for the train to Gresham.

I commute to and from work everyday and wait time means being social. I am either instagramming or taking photos for blog, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. 😉 I don’t have much to share everyday, I spent most of my day working and traveling. So follow me on Instagram [@guenbtdotcom], to see more commute photos. I…

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First Day at Work

Sharing some real time Instagram posts about how my first day went as a working gal. Bus and trains were on time, I had time for coffee before my shift started. I met people, new acquaintances. It was nice at the same time awkward. Hehe. The only challenge I had was finding a place to…

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Weekend Wraps


The weekend ended so fast, I guess I feel that way because tomorrow I’ll start working already. Exciting!!! I hope work will not be stressful. This isn’t going to be a long post, I will sleep soon. Just wanted to share what I was up to. Saturday, a little work clothes shopping. Then the husband surprised…

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GIVEAWAY. Ideas, anyone?

giveaway ideas

Happy Saturday! It’s the last weekend before I enter myself back to the corporate world. For sure my life will soon be busier than the past 6 months. Actually, I’m looking forward to this. I just wish I’ll have weekends off! Who doesn’t love weekends, right? Since it’s Saturday and I know many of us…

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